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121-122 TA Guidlines (Redish)

Page history last edited by Joe Redish 13 years, 3 months ago

If you are a TA working with Joe Redish in the reformed 121-122 classes, you are responsible for a variety of activities during the term, each with specific procedures and instructions.  Please follow the links for details. (The guidelines for facilitating tutorials and handling student queries during office hours could be generally applicable for productive instructor-student interactions even in courses that do not have tutorials)


Required Attendance Times Each Week (per section taught)

1. Guiding the Laboratory (2 hrs)

2. Facilitating the Tutorial (Recitation) section (1 hr)

3. Helping to facilitate someone else's Tutorial section (1 hr)


Regular Grading Each Week (per section taught)

1. Grading lecture homework (five problems every week except when there are exams) (2 hr/wk)

       (This year we are trying an online environment for 4 of the problems.  You will grade one on paper, the rest online.) 

2. Grading lab reports (every other week)  (1 hr/wk)


Once (per TA)

1. Participating in the Tutorial/Lab training session (2 hrs)

2. Meeting with your Prof once a week for feedback and discussion (0.5 hrs)

3. Giving help during Office hours in the Course Center (Physics 0208) (1 hr per section taught)


Episodic Events

1. Grading for midterm exams

2. Grading for final exam


In addition, the rest of the lecture HW and the Tutorial HW will be graded by undergraduate graders.


This corresponds to about 20 hours per week for a full (2 section) TA. If it is taking you more time then this, please contact your Instructor to make corrections.


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