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Ayush Gupta

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Ayush Gupta

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Physics 

Keystone Instructor, A. J. C. School of Engineering

Contact Info: 

Room 1320, Physics Building 

University of Maryland, 

College Park, MD 20742. 

Phone: 301-405-5445

Email: ayush@umd.edu

Blog: http://glorifiedevil.blogspot.com/


About Me:

From a scientific perspective, I am interested in gaining a better understanding of how the human mind operates and learns. From a social perspective I want to use this understanding to promote a more equitable education system and an overall scientific and rational way of thinking in society - awareness and education being the slow but steady path towards greater social justice without instability.


Interesting tidbit: I have an entry on the Internet Movie Database!  Visit my IMDB page Unfortunately I cannot upload a picture: that costs money. 


Research Interests:

Broadly speaking I am interested in modeling learning and reasoning processes. In particular, I am attracted to fine-grained analysis of video data both from a micro-genetic learning analysis methodology (drawing on knowledge in pieces) as well as interaction analysis methodology. I have been working on how learners' emotions are coupled with their conceptual and epistemological reasoning. I am also interested in working towards dynamics models of the categorizations (ontological) underlying students' reasoning in physics. Lately, I have been rather interested in engineering design thinking, how engineering students come to understand and practice design. 


Current Projects:

  • Physics Education Research
    • Helping students learn how to learn using PhET based Tutorials: Research and Development
  • Engineering Education Research
    • Helping Engineering Students Transform Their Understanding of Quantum Phenomenon and Devices
    • An Application Based Learning Approach to Introductory C-Programming Courses
    • Modeling the dynamics of integrated moral and technical reasoning in contexts of socio-scientific issues
  • Science Education (K-12) and Teacher Education 


Past Projects: 






Past Research


Curriculum Vitae (outdated, email me for recent stuff)


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