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Mike Hull

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During undergraduate study in the department of Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, I worked continuously at various research labs, including the Army Corps of Engineers ERDC-CERL Lab and Argonne National Laboratory (see CV below).   Upon attainment of a BS, I moved to Okazaki, Japan, to teach English for a year.   I began graduate study with PERG August 2008.   Beginning March 2010, I assisted in the installation of a reformed physics class (Open Source Tutorial) at Tokyo Gakugei University.


Contact Info:

University of Maryland, Department of Physics, 082 Regents Dr, College Park, MD, 20742-4111

Ph: 301-405-6185

Email: mhull12@umd.edu


Research Interests:

  • Personal development as a physics teacher
  • Utilizing American research results for the improvement of physics education in Japan
  • How to increase student acceptance of reformed physics courses 


Current Research:

  • What effect Open Source Tutorial had on Gakugei's students' attitudes about physics, and how prior constructivist elementary school experiences contributed to the changes.
  •  How undergraduate engineering students sense-make about math in the context of physics in their physics and engineering classes.



•   Hull, M.M.  Going through an interactive physics class without feeling culture shock. (Japanese)  Submitted for publication in Physics Education in University.

•   Hull, M.M., Kuo, E., Gupta, A., & Elby, A.  Problematizing problem-solving rubrics: Enhancing assessments to include blended mathematical and physical reasoning throughout the solution.  Submitted for publication in Physical Review Special Topics – Physics Education Research.

•   Kuo, E., Hull, M.M.,  Gupta, A., & Elby, A. What’s missing from conceptualizations of quantitative problem solving: Blending conceptual meaning with symbolic manipulations.  Submitted for publication in Science Education.

•   Hull, M.M. (2011, July 29 and August 6).  Why was Tutorial more effective at Gakugei University than I expected? (Japanese)  Talk given at Tokyo Gakugei University and then at the high school attached to Tsukuba University.

•   Hull, M.M. (2011, July 23).  Why Tutorial was more effective at Gakugei University than I expected. (English)  Talk given at the Institute of Technology, Center of Campus Innovation, Tokyo.

•   Hull, M.M. (2011, March).  Open Source Tutorial: Why in the world are we using this? (Japanese)  Talk given to new Open Source Tutorial TA’s at Tokyo Gakugei University.

•   Hull, M.M., Kuo, E., Gupta, A., & Elby, A. (2010, February 16).  I'm doing what my teacher says, why aren't I expert-like?  Contributed Talk given at 2010 Winter Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

•   Hull, M.M., Kuo, E., Gupta, A., & Elby, A. (2009, July).  Undergraduate Engineers' Sense-making of Math.  Contributed Poster presented at the 2009 Physics Education Research Conference.

•   Marsh, C.,  Masters, B., Sander, J., Houlahan, T., Hull, M.M., Eden, G., Park, S., Verdeyen, J., Weissman, M. (2008, September). Generation of Ultra-High Current Densities by Electron Emission from Ferroelectric Materials. Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering 50th Anniversary Celebration.

•   Masters, B., Kristoff, J.S., Houlahan, T., Hull, M.M., Marsh, C.,  Park, S., Eden, G. (2008, November).  DEGRADATION STUDY OF LEAD ZIRCONATE TITANATE BASED FERROELECTRIC PLASMA SOURCES.  Talk given at US Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Conference in Memphis, TN.



Curriculum Vitae

Statement of Teaching Philosophy


Interview protocol used with Tokyo Gakugei University students taking Open Source Tutorial spring 2011



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