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Problem Collections from the UMd PERG

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This page links to collections of physics problems created for teachers and education researchers by the University of Maryland's Physics Education Research Group.


Thinking Problems for Introductory Physics

A collection of problems that require students to make sense of the physics, relate to their personal experience, and develop fundamental skills of qualitative and quantitative scientific thinking.  Some of the types of problems included are described in Chapter 4 of Teaching Physics with the Physics Suite.  Some problems (those marked with an (*) have solutions that are available to instructors with a login and password.  To get the login and password, write to E. F. Redish.


Peer Instruction Problems

These are a collection of short multiple-choice problems to be used in a lecture class in conjunction with a student response system.


Activity-Based Problems

A set of problems created for the Activity-Based Physics Project.


Quantum Physics Problems

Problems created for the New Model Course in Quantum Physics.


Thinking Problems for Mathematical Physics

Problems that focus not just on mathematical processing but modeling, interpreting, and evaluating as well.


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