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Tutorials from the UMd PERG

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This page links to collections of physics tutorials created by the University of Maryland's Physics Education Research Group. These learning activities take place within a structure developed by the Physics Education Group at the University of Washington (UW PEG).


  •     Tutorials are appropriate for a 50 minute recitation class of 15-30 students
  •     Tutorials use a group-learning environment in which 3-4 students reason together.
  •     Tutorials guide the group of students using carefully designed worksheets.
  •     Tutorials are based on research into student difficulties.
  •     Tutorials have been tested and proven to be highly effective in improving concept learning.

The tutorials developed by the University of Maryland PERG complement the UW PEG tutorials. Most of our tutorials cover topics not included in the UW volume and most of our tutorials use the computer in some way, such as by taking data using MBL, taking data from pre-recorded videos using Videopoint, or using simulations.


Tutorials are non-trivial to implement.  It is very easy for a facilitator (instructor or faculty member) to undermine their intent by  inappropriate interactions.  Here are some guidelines that we have developed to help Tutorial Facilitators.


Three sets are currently available.


Tutorials in Physics Sense-Making

(Open-Source Tutorials Integrated with Professional Development Materials)

These tutorials focus not just on concept building but also on development of student epistemology -- their physical intuition, the understanding of scientific reasoning, and relating physics to their everyday experience.  They are appropriate for most introductory physics classes, but especially for those with a qualitative and conceptual emphasis. The materials come on a DVD and the tutorials are open-source so they can be modified to fit a class's particular notation and needs.  The DVD also contains guides for the use of the tutorials containing videoclips of students using them in practice.


Tutorials for Introductory Physics

Tutorial worksheets for a range of topics in introductory physics developed as part of the Activity Based Physics project. Appropriate for calculus-based, algebra-based, and high-school physics.


Tutorials in Quantum Physics

A series of worksheets in modern physics and quantum mechanics developed for the New Model Course in Quantum Physics project. Appropriate for physics majors and for engineers.

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