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Upcoming Events

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PERG/Sci. Ed. research meetings


Engineering Education research meeting





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Ayush Gupta said

at 11:49 am on Aug 13, 2008

Please feel free to post an upcoming event within the group. In order that the RSS on FrontPage is correctly generated, please cut and paste an announcement as it is and edit the relevant fields. Make sure that the format remains the same.
The most important things to keep constant are:
- The title text is formatted as "Heading 2" [You can choose this from the format menu that appears; or if you are using HTML then use the <h2></h2> tags for the title]
- The body/details are formatted as "Normal" [You can choose this from the format menu that appears; if you are using HTML simple <p></p> tags would work]
- There is at least one blank line between your posting and the one after/before it.

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