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Mark Eichenlaub

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pronunciation: IKE-en-lob



(For inquiries about Art of Problem Solving, please use https://artofproblemsolving.com/contact.  )


About Me

I'm currently a physics curriculum developer for Art of Problem Solving, where I'm working to help build an online community of middle and high school students who love solving challenging physics problems together. My courses are available here.


I'm a 2018 alum of the UMD Physics Education Research Group. My advisor was Professor Edward Redish. My thesis, Mathematical Sensemaking via Epistemic Games, focuses on seeing the creativity in how physics students use mathematics.


I'm from Baltimore County, Maryland, and currently live in the Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania. I have previously designed and taught physics and astronomy courses at Bucknell UniversityCTY and the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes and have been a coach for the US Physics Team.


You can also find me on


Physics Stack Exchange

Google Scholar



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