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Current Projects


Cultural practices for cultivating ethical engineering

This project explores student learning within a Science, Technology and Society Program. We seek to understand how engineering students’ macro-ethical reasoning develops within the cultural practices of this community.


Changing the culture: Propagating effective practices for assessment and educational change in physics

We are conducting research studies on departmental change processes and cultures of assessment within physics programs (as part of the EP3 Project). Culture of assessment refers to the norms and practices of using assessment data to improve — in this case — undergraduate physics education.


Online Out-of-Class Resources

Exploring how students use online resources for their homework and studying outside of class, how it affects their learning, and about the ethics involved. 



Partnering with teachers on the design of inquiry for socio-scientific computational thinking


Modified Exam and Homework Grading in Engineering Physics Courses: Effects on Students' Study Habits and Anxiety

Explores how undergraduate engineering peering majors taking Dynamics and Thermodynamics courses respond to a collection of changes in how homework and exams are administered and graded.


Past Projects









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