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Thinking Problems in Math Physics

Page history last edited by Joe Redish 13 years, 6 months ago

Sorry for the data dump.  Look for an organizational structure to be added in the Spring of 2011.

Links to solutions will also be added at that time.  Solutions are available to all of the problems so if you need them before they are posted, write to redish@umd.edu.


Falling in a viscous medium

Power series for trig functions

The Lennard-Jones potential

Stepping the oscillator

The Lottke-Volterra Equations

Green jellyfish protein

Rotating coordinate axes

Dimensions of damping

Time of flight: 1

Time of flight: 2

The simple harmonic oscillator

Foothold ideas

The line integral: 1

Two coupled oscillators: Hanging masses

Three coupled oscillators

Matrices for computer graphics

Orbital oscillations: 1

Orbital oscillations: 2

The linear space of functions

Inner products of functions

The orbital tower

Changing bases

Solving the wave equation

Propagating a pulse

Pulse to an open end

Changing coordinates: Circular motion

Fourier series for open ends

The Gibbs phenomenon

Ohm's law in a pipe

The divergence

Missing theorems in vector calculus?

Spinning wheel got to go round

Gauss's Law for fluids

Solving N2 by stepping

Stretching a spring

Fluid shear

The line integral: 2

Universal natural scales

Other vectors

The springs are different!

Two transversely oscillating masses

An orthonormal basis for a function space

Physics Jeopardy

Gaussian ray matrices

The fundamental theorem of calculus

Rotating a coordinate system in Dirac notation

Linear and circular polarization

Striking a damped cart

Analytic functions

Natural scales in flat earth gravity




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