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Instructions for Accessing Drobo Data-Storage System

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We just purchased a new Drobo Storage System - where we can integrate all the digital data from the various projects.  The system has 5 disks of 2 TB each. Right now, it is configured to protect against simultaneous failure of 2 disks. And so the available space is closer to 6TB than to 10TB. But that should be enough! 


There are 3 shares within the system: MSP, BERG, and EEC (Engineering Education Proj.) and depending on which project you are on, you have access to only the files in a share where you have IRB approval. If you have IRB approval for multiple projects, then after you login, you will get a screen asking for which share you want to mount.


Accessing Drobo: MAC & Windows

So in order to log into the system, upload files, download files etc, here is what you need to do:

  1. Download and Install the VPN Network Connect if you have not already done so. The instructions for that are given here.
  2. Log into the VPN Network Connect. NOTE: You will need to log into the VPN-Network Connect even if you are on the UMD Wireless. In other words, no matter where you are, log into the VPN before you try to connect to the Drobo server. And please note that you will need to connect to the "Network Connect" if you are logging in at the sslvpn website (Juniper).
  3. An alternative way to connect to Network Connect is (1) Go to https://sslvpn.ece.umd.edu/physics (2) login with your username and password for net connect and (3) in the screen that shows up click on the "Start" Button.


4A: Accessing Drobo - MAC

    1. MAC: Go to the finder and from the menu bar choose "Go" -> "Connect to Server" (shortcut: "command - k")
    2. The "Connect to Server" window will open and in the "Server Address" box you enter the following: smb://PERGDrobo.physics.umd.edu
    3. After you enter it, you can click the "+" button to save that server address to the list of favorites below.
    4. After you click connect, a window opens up for you to type in your user name and password (from step 1).  You can also choose for this info to be saved so you don't have to enter it every time.
    5. The folder you accessed will open in a new window. 


4B: Access Server - Windows

    1. Open Control Panel, double click on "Network and Sharing Center"
    2. You should see the network Physics VPN.  Connect to it.
    3. Put in the username & password you recently created (see step 1)
    4. In the address bar of your Windows Explorer browser (not necessarily your web browser) put the following path: \\PERGDrobo.physics.umd.edu 


The mounted share shows up as a drive on your system, so you can just drag and drop files into and out of it as you will on a USB drive ... Simple!

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