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Gina Quan

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gina.m.quan (at) gmail.com

CV (November 2016)

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About Me:

I am a fifth year graduate student in the Physics Education Research Group. My research focuses on developing inclusive learning spaces which support community building and reflection, and studying identity development within these spaces. At UMD, I have worked on the development, teaching, and research of two classrooms: an Arduino-based summer camp for high school girls and a research seminar for physics undergraduates. Within these spaces, my goals are to foster identity development and contest typical university models of weeding out students by supporting alternative pathways to success in physics. I am a co-founder of the Access Network, an NSF funded research-practice community dedicated to fostering community and supporting diversity efforts in undergraduate physical science programs. 


I graduated with high honors in 2012 from the University of California, Berkeley (go Bears!) with a degree in Physics.  My undergraduate thesis, Model3: Modeling Students' Models of Physics Models explored student discourse in a discussion in which students were asked to come to consensus on the definition of a physics model.  I have also researched student understanding of heat and temperature with the Physics Education Group at the University of Washington.  While in Berkeley, I was a participant and leader in The Berkeley Compass Project, where I learned the importance of community and student agency in undergraduate physics.   


I am a former member of the PER Consortium of Graduate Students.  Besides physics, I enjoy dancing Lindy Hop, weightlifting, and cooking.



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