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I grew up here in P.G. County Maryland, and went to Eleanor Roosevelt High School.  I always enjoyed Physics class and played piano and percussion in several music groups.  I attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where I received a Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Arts (in Engineering).  My studies focused on signal processing including research and design work on in-ear audiological test methods and iPod noise induced hearing loss-- combining my interests of physics and music.  After Dartmouth, I explored those interests further through a Master of Science in Architectural Acoustics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  After RPI, I worked in industry for 5 years: first in London for a major international building engineering firm (Arup) in the acoustics department, then as senior consultant for a smaller acoustics consulting firm in Silicon Valley, CA.  


Now I'm a third year Curriculum and Instruction PhD student. At UMD, I have held various instructional roles with the Keystone Department in the ENES 100 Introduction to Design class, including primary instructor Spring 2015.  I am an active participant in the Engineering Education Research Group.


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